Swiss-type / Sliding Head Lathes

Swiss-type / Sliding Head Lathes - SY2-20B

Double built-in spindle, removable guide bush Multi-Functional Tooling system with Y1/Y2 axis, max load up to 17 live tools. Two deep drilling holder beside sub spindle

Swiss-type / Sliding Head Lathes - SY2-42E

Swiss type CNC lathe can be installed with or without rotary guide bush to process whether it is a long or short workpiece. The tooling system can equip 6 O.D. tools, 5 I.D. tools, and up to 17 live tools, with double Y-axis, which gives you the ability to process multiple complex components.

Swiss-type / Sliding Head Lathes - SY2-52

Swiss type lathe with / without guide bush device depends on part length, easy to change machining type. * Double spindle with functional tooling system to provide maximum productivity. - Back tooling system with Y2 axis, max load 8 pcs live tool for multi-functional machining. "Two deep drilling holder beside sub spindle for more functional machining.Roller type linear guide way for all axes, It can provide high position accuracy and high machining performance.

Sliding Head Lathes - CB

A combination of main and sub-spindle ∅32/36 mm bar capacity X, Y, Z-axis rapid traverses 30m/min Linear ways on 5 axes PC-based control Collet chucking system Finished parts catcher and conveyor

Sliding Head Lathes - NCY

Sliding headstock design ∅32/36 mm bar capacity X, Y, Z-axis rapid traverses 30m/min Linear ways on X, Y, Z-axes 6,000 rpm spindle is optional PC-based CNC control Reggedly constructed cast iron base

Sliding Head Lathes - CY2-52MB

Double Y-axis Double built-in spindle B-axis live tooling 360° rotate function