°📔 Swiss Type CHIAH CHYUN SY2-42E




Swiss type CNC lathe can be installed with or without rotary guide bush to process whether it is a long or short workpiece. The tooling system can equip 6 O.D. tools, 5 I.D. tools, and up to 17 live tools, with double Y-axis, which gives you the ability to process multiple complex components.

  • Multiple Tool System
  • Y2 Axis With Live Tooling Function
  • With/Without Guide Bush













  • Main and Sub-spindle with C-axis contouring capability.
  • The maximum speed of the spindles is 6,000 rpm and the minimum indexing unit degree is 0.001 o.
  • The maximum bar capacity up to ∅42mm.
  • SY2-42E Swiss type CNC lathe provides the option to go with or without a guide bush to achieve optimum machining condition.


Front Tooling System

Numerous tooling systems can increase machining flexibility, perform milling, drilling, and tapping to the front and rear to offer highly efficient parts processing in a single cycle.

  • Radial Live Tools*6
  • Axis Live Tools*4
  • O.D. Tools*6
  • I.D. Tools*5



Sub Spindle Tooling System

Sub spindle tooling system may be fitted with up to 8 ER-20 live tools,

combines with the Y2 linear axis and C2 rotating axis to perform the more complex turning and milling process.